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    At EarthNutri® we already consider you family, and we only want the best for you and your health! We are here to share transparent ingredients, clean products, and powerful information that help people live their life to the fullest. Our mission is to help YOU achieve your fitness goal through healthy diet, exercise, sports nutrition and dietary supplements. We stand behind our products!
    earthnutri sports nutrition supplements

    Our Story

    EarthNutri® was created by a group of health-minded individuals who noticed an alarming trend in the food and supplemental industry. After much testing and research, we discovered that most products are not what they say they are. The accuracy in strength, potency, and even ingredients listed are sometimes shockingly far from the truth. We knew that even with the best of intentions of living a healthy lifestyle, people were being misled.

    From this, EarthNutri® was born from our desire to create a HONEST path to health. We insist in producing the highest quality products that we are proud to share with our friends and family.

    Our family-operated business is located in Los Angeles, where we manufacture all of our products in our GMP, USDA Organic facility.