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    What do you like about our products? How do you use them? And do you have any favorite flavors?

    Coming from an athlete that doesn’t use many supplements because of what’s in a lot of them, what I love about EarthNutri’s products is the transparency of what they use and that it's natural. Being on the go so much in my sport, one gym after another, on top of completing my runs in between -- having the time to refuel becomes an issue.

    Supplements like the EN protein, which also has the BCAA’s I need, along with the EN post workout are perfect. They help my recovery and are key components in my training.

    My favorite product is the peach mango post workout, it’s delicious!

    What is your overall athletic goal and what’s next for you?

    My goal is to become a World Champion. I know I have the tools to do it, and I’m building a team full of first-class partners such as EarthNutri to help me get there.

    What does your workout look like and how do you train?

    My average daily routine varies on the day but on any given day you will catch me in the boxing gym going through my warm up, doing pads with my coach, either sparring or doing some bag drills, finishing up with some jump rope to cool down and exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups etc.

    On Tuesday & Thursday you can find us at the UNLV track getting in all sorts of sprint work! And 2-3 times a week either on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday you will catch me at Las Vegas Athletic Club doing going through strength and conditioning workouts!

    Last but not least depending on what we do in the boxing gym, 3-4 days a week during camp I’m running anywhere from 3-5 miles depending on the day.