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    My official name is bharat walia aka bharat singh walia I just turned 23 in September. I started lifting in the age of 14 in 2010. My parents were not fond of bodybuilding. Everyone believed that this sport can not be a profession. They wanted me to choose different career, but my vision was clear. Without and mental and financial sport I had to do it all my own. So I started working in a small gym to take out my bodybuilding expenses. Then in high school I used to represent my college at state and nation level. Then in 2017 I won Mr. Musclemania 2017 that was a turning point. After winning the tittle I started sharing my lifestyle on social media and people loved it. Recently, on June 22, I won the title Mr. Musclemania Universe 2019 which was held in Miami, Florida .


    My followers call me "people's champ" and I want it to grow this way. With achieving the biggest titles in fitness industry, I want to win the hearts of people.


    From childhood I was not very fond of fast food. I love to cook keep on experimenting . I keep a track on my calories wherever I go. I have a show coming up and i have started to taper down the calories. I never go off carbs. I think carbs are equally important because they are the energy source without carbs we can not give 100% in out workouts.

    Why EarthNutri?

    I choose EarthNutri because of it's transparency and premium ingredients. It is organic. All the athletes of EarthNutri are very elite and it will be honor to work with them all.

    Physical & Mental Training

    It is very common that we work more on our good points i.e - chest, arms, quads. All the front area, because that's what visible from the point we see our body. That is what I did for many years. Now I am focusing only on my weak muscles. Weight training is a mental therapy itself. Working out gives a feeling of meditation.

    Tips on Happiness and Positivity

    We learn by sharing. We should help the beginners. We all who came this far in fitness learned a lot of things with time and experience. We should share our knowledge and experience with others.


    Just like we all have different finger prints, bodies are also different. We should not compare our body to anyone else. Put your efforts in improving yourself and keep a track on your progress.


    Writing - songs , raps , poems