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    My name is Caramel Davis, I am a certified fitness trainer. My passion is to help others live healthier lives and to help build confidence in people that would enable them to transform themselves into the healthiest and strongest version of themselves both in mind and body.


    I love competing in body building competitions - my goal is to do 2 competitions a year as long as possible! I use my past struggles like addiction & abuse & what I’ve been able to overcome, to help encourage myself to push through difficult days.


    I am a plant-based athlete. I routinely prep my meals and that allows me to stay on track even with a busy schedule (working 40-50 hrs a week and being a Mom and wife).

    Why the EarthNutri Team

    I wanted to be a part of the EarthNutri team because of the integrity of ingredients and the many options they provided for both plant-based athletes and gluten sensitivity because I am both.

    Workout Routine

    When it comes to training the main rule I follow in regards to time is DON’T MAKE EXCUSES and DON’T MAKE IT AN OPTION. My health is not less important than my work or people in my life that depend on me for things - MY HEALTH allows me to work, my health allows me to be present for my family - THEREFORE my health and my training MUST be a priority in my life. I choose my training based on structure and schedule. I have training plans dialed in for each day and a “Plan B” option - what does this mean. This means, if the day gets away from me or my husband or kiddos are sick or in need and it isn’t possible to stick to schedule and complete a 2 hour workout - I have a 30 minute HIIT substitute instead of an excuse.

    Motivations:  How do you motivate yourself and others? Is there a person (object, subject, goals, etc.) that motivates you or you look up to?

    My daughters motivate me, knowing what it feels like to be sick, overweight and physically unable to move motivates me. Remember my past of being 100 lbs overweight & having to take diabetes medication & blood pressure medication when I was overweight- motivates me.

    Tips on Positive Thinking

    Control what you can. This is very empowering. Whenever the day is not going exactly the way you hoped - focus on the things in your life that are “right” AND guess what - you and your ability and your health is part of that! You have the ability to do for yourself. DO THAT.


    I love designing, arts, giving something old, new life- so I am a TLC/DIY junkie. I love dancing, singing and I play the guitar.

    Social Media:
    IG - @Caramel.fit