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    Imo Earth Nutri En Athlete Image with PRoduct


    My name is Imo Udoudo, am 26 years old and an engineer. I am also a physique competitor at NPC national level. I am currently prepping for North America competition in August with the goal of getting my pro card. Besides working out, I enjoy hanging out with friends and spending time with family.

    What do you like about our products? How do you use them? And do you have any favorite flavors?

    The one thing I really like about Earthnutri product is the quality of the ingredient that is used to make product. That sets it apart from other supplement companies. I use the Candy Apple Pre Workout 30 mins before working out and the Post Workout 30 min after working out. I use the protein through the day. My favorite flavor is the candy apple.

    What is your overall athletic goal and what’s next for you?

    My overall athletic goal is to get my pro card and get to the Olympia stage.

    What does a typical workout look like and how do you train?

    When working I focus more high repetition while keeping the weight as heavy as possible. I believe this is the best way to build lean muscle mass.  I also train each body part at least twice a week based on recovery.

    What are your favorite tracks to workout to?

    I love all kinds of music so my choice of music is based on my mood for that day. But more often than not I love listening to hip hop (DMX). 

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