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    Small bio

    Jessica Gouthro is a Fitness & Nutrition expert with over 13 years of experience helping people transform and Live Lean sustainably. She and her husband Brad Gouthro run a thriving online community offering affordable workout and meal plans to members each month. Jessica’s philosophy is to maintain optimal fitness and strength through enjoyable workouts & a deliciously healthy diet. 

    What do you like about our products?

    I love that EarthNutri creates products that are easy to use, taste good & have clean ingredients. I am picky about what I choose to put in my body & their Stevia sweetened Whey Isolate & Plant protein meet my high standards. 

    How do you use them? And do you have any favorite flavors?

    I use protein powder in a smoothie for an easy & delicious post workout meal. I also sometimes use them for baking or creating yummy high protein snacks. Fave flavor would be the Vanilla Whey Isolate 

    What is your overall athletic goal and what’s next for you?

    My overall athletic goal is to Live Lean 365, which to me means maintaining my best physique, a body that I’m proud of and can sustain enjoyably forever. 

    What’s next for me is that I’m currently 4 months pregnant ☺️ so I’m following my Live Lean Pregnancy Guide & maintaining my fitness during this second pregnancy just like I did during the first one. One of my favorite parts of my job is guiding women to be strong badass mamas who keep in shape during motherhood & beyond. 

    What does a typical workout look like and how do you train?

    My workouts are always pretty short in terms of duration. Some people feel they need to spend a whole hour or it’s not effective, but for me, my focus is more on quality over quantity. I concentrate on muscular contractions & proper form movements. 

    I love to combine cardio with strength training, so I’ll typically intermix weighted exercises with plyometric ones. I’m in the gym for about 20-40 mins 3-4x per week. Once a week I hit the San Diego stairs (100 step outdoor staircase) for HIIT cardio training and do 20 speed laps up with slow recovery on the way down.

    What are your favorite tracks to workout to?

    I love any song with a beat. I usually play Apple Music radio during my workouts. 

    A few current favorites are 
    Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    Work - Iggy Azalea
    Higher Ground - TNGTH

    Social Media Handles (Optional)

    IG @jessicagouthrofitness