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    Lauren Gibbs is a US Olympian in the sport of bobsled, a Brown University graduate and has her Executive MBA from Pepperdine.  Lauren has been an athlete all of her life, she started soccer at 8 years and played a variety of sports through high school.  At Brown she decided to focus on Volleyball. As a member of the “1,000 kill club” at Brown, Lauren has the fourth most kills in Brown Volleyball history. She was a captain her senior year and named to the Academic All-Ivy and the 2nd Team All-Ivy teams.  When she graduated college Lauren went to work in sales and saw success in a number of industries. At 30 years Lauren was unsatisfied at work so she took a chance and tried out for the US National Bobsled Team. After making the team as a rookie she has made the National team every year following. She has multiple World Cup medals, finished 3rd in World Championships with pilot Elana Meyers-Taylor in 2016 and then Silver in the 2018 Winter Olympics, again with Meyers-Taylor. Now Lauren is continuing to train and compete in the sport of bobsled in hopes of once again representing her country at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. To fund her training and fulfill her passion for corporate level coaching and training, Lauren pulls from her experience in Corporate America and elite level sports and is retained by organization throughout the US to speak on topics such as: goal setting, overcoming adversity, leadership, achieving excellence and much more. To inquire about hiring Lauren to speak at your next event click here. To hear her Tedx talk on her journey from Corporate America to the Olympic podium click here.


    Olympic Gold
    Become a world renowned Public Speaker


    Overcoming injuries, I am on the older side for my sport/position as brakeman and have to compete against athletes that are 5-10 years younger.


    I count my macros, getting enough protein abroad and recovery can be hard when you are trying to lose weight, EarthNutri products help me maintain an optimal weight and still be able to recover.

    Tips on Positive Thinking

    Weight loss takes time and commitment, there are no quick fixes. Be realistic about what you are trying to accomplish and make sure that you find a healthy way to reach your goals

    Why the EarthNutri the Team?>

    I love Earthnutri! Their focus is on quality and as an athlete that gets drug tested, I can take the product without concern. Also, it is an American based company. I use all of their products at different times but the Egg White protein is my favorite. It is easy to digest, mixes well with anything and helps me get enough protein in my diet especially when in Europe where protein choices are limited.

    Physical & Mental Training

    For my sport I have to be both strong and fast so  train like an Olympic lifter and sprinter. I train 6 days a week with two of those days being recovery based workouts. My focus in training, since I am on the older side of my sport is to train smarter not just harder.  Quality over quality is my focus.

    Tips on Happiness and Positivity

    The way I handle stress is to focus on the things I can control.


    Getting back to the Olympics is all the motivation I need :)


    I love spending time with friends, traveling, game nights, etc. Sleep and recovery are just as important as training so I make sure to prioritize both daily.