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    I started modeling professionally when I was 15 and did that up until a year ago when I turned 28. It was through modeling I got into fitness. Naturally people would come to me asking for advice about how to get lean or lose weight. I loved fitness and health and decided to change careers. I became a certified trainer and functional strength coach. My next big pursuit is a bikini competition! I mostly want to do this to show people that you can do it on a vegan diet.


    Fitness wise, my next goal I want to accomplish is a one arm push up! I hate it when there is something I can't do so I'll write my program with the goal of mastering that one skill, from pistol squats to a 1 arm push up! The only obstacle is ever yourself. I rely on discipline and not motivation so luckily, it isn't too hard for me. Staying motivated is hard, learning how to stay disciplined isn't.


    I follow a vegan/plant based diet. My number 1 for staying consist is TRACK YOUR FOOD. If you have a goal, whether it's weight loss or gain, you simply just need to track. It holds you accountable and if it's your first time doing it, you'll find it very insightful. Another big tip is to prep your meals/food in advance. I don't walk into the gym without a game plan and same goes for my diet.

    Why the EarthNutri Team

    So many plant based and it actually tastes good! The caramel coffee flavored protein powder is amazing, not just by itself but in recipes as well! I mix it in with oatmeal and use it in baking (muffins, cookies, energy balls). I always try to have a shake 30 min post work out. It's just convenient for me since I work out in between training clients.

    Workout Routine

    I schedule my work outs around when I train clients but I make sure I commit to the times I schedule out. That also means making sure I eat properly enough beforehand etc. The best way to make time to work out is by looking at your calendar for the week at the start of the week, carving out the times you have available to work out and sticking to them. Even having a gym buddy to meet makes a huge difference because now you're accountable.
    My work out split depends on my current goal but I do follow a system. I use daily undulating periodization (this is more of a system) because I train so frequently and have both hypertrophy and strength goals. If you haven't heard of it, look into it!


    Nothing motivates you more than a chip on your shoulder. hahahha I mean it! Having always been really thin AND vegan, I'm on a mission to prove you can be vegan AND lean and mean! Also a lot of women are under the impression if you lift weights that you'll get bulky, and I'm here to show them that lifting weights is great for you and the best way to achieve your goal physique.

    Tips on Positive Thinking

    I work out. Take out your stress or anger out on the weights! I always feel better after a great lifting session or hike, even just a walk makes me feel immensely better.


    A lot of my hobbies are pretty active, hiking, MMA, surfing, and I recently took up pole! However, I do have one surprising non fitness related hobby and it's knitting and crocheting.