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    What I love about EN products it’s all natural no added trash... My favorite supplement from EarthNutri is the Post Workout and TruMuscle - Tropical Rain . Flavors I love are the (Post Workout) Candy Apple and (TruMuscle) Tropical Rain!

    My overall goal is get my IFBB Pro Card. I compete in the Classic Physique class and light heavy bodybuilding class. What will make me great is more muscle density! I want to make a name for myself and help people reach the fitness goals.

    I would also like to open my own restaurant. I want to open up a place where people can come and enjoy their favorite food the healthy way. 

    Most of my workouts are very high intensity mid heavy sets of 15 or until failure.

    Workout Track Likes: Ice Cube, NBA Young Boy, Travis Scott, Eminem, Meek Mills, and Future.

    Instagram: torryray