The deep red color of cherries results from flavonoids called anthocyanins. Studies of cherries suggest cherries may protect the body against the damaging effects of free radicals and may promote cardiovascular health.

Emerging research on tart cherries in particular has indicated that tart cherries can: a.) support healthy inflammatory response; b.) slow lipid peroxidation; and, c.) increase antioxidant capacity in the blood. Research also suggests that tart cherries may improve recovery following strenuous exercise by limiting inflammation levels in the body.

VitaCherry® is a line of highly concentrated, standardized cherry powders that includes:

  • VitaCherry® Tart Cherry Powder, 1% Flavonoids, .5% Anthocyanins, Freeze-dried (N185)
  • VitaCherry® Organic Sweet Cherry Powder, Freeze-dried (N498.1)
  • VitaCherry® Tart Cherry Powder, .1% Anthocyanins, Drum-dried (N298)
  • VitaCherry® Sport Whole Tart Cherry Powder, Freeze-dried (N1244)
  • Cherry Powder, Spray-dried (N529)

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