Oil and Fat Smoking Point Guide

Oil and Fat Smoking Point Guide

Oil and Fat Smoking Point Guide

According to the American Oil Chemists’ Society a smoking point of an oil or fat is the temperature at which, under specific and defined conditions, an oil begins to produce a continuous bluish smoke that becomes clearly visible.  When this happens the fats start to break down. Thus releasing free radicals and toxins that can be harmful to you called “acrolein.” (That is that nasty burnt taste you’ve might experienced after burning dinner that one night. Thank goodness for pizza delivery!)

On a recent blog post we discussed the dangers of cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the importance of using a low smoke point oil and/or fat. Since then we’ve been asked on occasion which are the best to use. The hugest factor depends on the oil’s smoking point. Without knowing this factor finding a healthy oil can be daunting. Smoking points are so important! So, we’ve created the perfect Oil and Fat Smoking Point Guide based on temperatures for your reference.

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