Do you offer discount codes?

Absolutely! Are you one of our Newsletter Subscribers? Are you brand new to EarthNutri? You can receive the most recent discount codes by following EarthNutri, or your favorite Influencer on their social media sites! Sign up to our Subscriber list, via our Newsletter or via the pop up on our website, to be first to know when the Marketing Team launches a new promotion or limited edition code. If you are looking for the most current, valid, coupons, you can email us!

    1. All discount codes are applied AFTER checkout
    2. Customers won't be able to enter a discount code if an automatic discount is already applied at checkout.
    3. Customers can’t combine discount codes. Only one discount code may be used per purchase.
    4. Our Prices are non-negotiable and are set by price of product production.

    Are there giveaways/prizes I can win?

    We love our EarthNutriFam and have regular prizes and giveaways!

    EarthNutri regularly offers special promotions, so keep an eye out on our Instagram, Facebook, X (@earthnutri on all socials) and our newsletter!

    How can I become an EarthNutri Influencer?

    EarthNutri is always looking for passionate and motivated individuals to help spread our mission of a healthy fitness and wellness mindset that is in alignment with your goals too! We are always on the lookout to add quality people to our group of brand Influencers.

    For more information visit our EarthNutri Influencer page.

    What are your contact details?

    Email us at info@earthnutri.com | Call us at 1-310-523-5108

    17510 S Broadway St. Unit C
    Gardena, CA 90248

    Can I stack EarthNutri products with each other?

    Our preferred stacks for best results:

    • TruMuscle + Egg White Protein
    • Whey Protein Isolate + Pure Creatine
    • Natural Beauty + Plant Based Protein + PeakO2

    Does EarthNutri have Plant-Based/Vegan proteins?

    Of course we do! Our Organic Plant-Based Protein is delicious and formulated with a healthy balanced nutrition in mind.

    It's made from Organic Pea ProteinOrganic Brown Sprouted Rice, Organic Sea Buckthorn Tea Leaf, Organic Quinoa and contains 21g of protein per 2 scoops. You can find out more here

    Also, ALL vitamins are Vegan friendly.

    Can I use EarthNutri Whey Protein Iso or Plant-Based Protein to cook?

    Of course you can! If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to use our Proteins in your cooking, check out some of the delicious recipes featured in our social media sites @EarthNutri