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MenaQ7® K2

MenaQ7 vitamin K2 as MK-7 improves vascular health in both males and females. 

It protects cellular membranes from damage due to excess free radicals, in a process known as peroxidation. 

K2 also helps delivering calcium to bone, teeth and joints.

Vitashine® Vitamin D3

Vitashine® is a special oily extract of Lichen, which is naturally rich in Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and fatty acids. 

Lichens are small unique plant species consisting of a symbiotic association of a fungus with an algae. This gives them unique attributes such as surviving in extreme climates and having the ability to grow and accumulate meaningful levels of useful nutrients, including Cholecalciferol. 

Vitashine™ is the most natural, tested and proven Vegan Vitamin D3 in the world.


Aquamin is a multi-mineral complex that is derived from the red marine algae Lithothamnion calcareum. Harvested from seaweed off the coast of Iceland.

Aquamin is a multimineral complex containing calcium, magnesium, and 72 other trace marine minerals absorbed from the surrounding seawater.

Suggested Use

Take 2 Capsules Daily

with food or as directed by your doctor or qualified healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Vitamin D3 (as Vitashine Cholecalciferol)

125 mcg (5000IU)


Vitamin K2 (as Natural MenaQ7)

180 mcg


Calcium (as Aquamin)

500 mg


Iron (as Aquamin)

1 mg


Magnesium (as Aquamin)

35 mg



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Where to get D3?

It is commonly referred to as the "sunshine vitamin" because the D3 type can be naturally produced in the body following exposure to the sun. Foods such as fish, beef liver, eggs, and cheese naturally contain vitamin D3.

Remember that you have three choices about how to get your vitamin D:

*Your Diet

Why you need D3+K2?

Vitamin D is vital for:
*Bone Health
*Immune Health
*Hormone Balance
*Proper Absorption of Calcium
*Cognitive and Neurological Functions

K2 is vital for:
*Cardiovascular Health
*Bone Mineral Density
*Lowering the Risk of Arterial Calcification

When should you take D3+K2?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin (meaning one that is broken down by fat and oils in the gut). Therefore, taking it with foods high in fat like eggs, avocados, cheese, etc. will help the absorption.

Here are common signs of vitamin D deficiency :

* Poor Immune Function
* Fatigue and Weakness
* Bone Pain
* Muscle Aches
* Depression 
* Memory Problems 

Who should take D3+K2?

People who live in short sunlight regions
People who work 9 to 5 jobs
People who live indoor lives
People who use sunblock while going out
People who want to build stronger immune

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