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     Darius EN Athlete 0- tire jump


    My name is Darius Alexander. I am a certified Master Personal Trainer with a knowledge in sports performance, weight loss, strength and conditioning. I'm based out of Southern California (Orange County). As a kid I was always active and involved in sports. My love for fitness was really taken to another level once I joined the US Navy. During my time in the service is where I really started to apply myself and focus on helping others stay within military regulations. After my time served I got certified as a Master Personal Trainer through:

    American Aerobic Athletic Association (AAAI)
    International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA)
    American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA)
    My beliefs about health and fitness -- 
    Being physically and mentally fit isn't just a hobby, but more of a way of life. The obesity rate in America is higher than any other country in the world, which shouldn't be. With the access of gyms and things to do outside, we as a country shouldn't be this high. I know disease, sickness and location play parts in this, but my belief is that it is our choice to whether we end up like this. Everyone should be physically and mentally fit. No one is born obese. One day at a time I'm striving to lower the obesity rate in America and to change lives plus motivate others.  


    What Do You Like About EN Performance Products?

    What I love about the EarthNutri products are the taste and the amazing feeling after taking it. The protein doesn't destroy my stomach and the pre workout doesn't make me crash afterwards. 


    What Is Your Overall Athletic Goal And What's Next For You?

    My overall goal is to continue to establish myself in the fitness industry as a top Coach in the industry of fitness. I don't want to be known as just some fitness guy on social media. I want to get away from the term "fit" which is related to fitness. My term will be known as Functional Improvement Training (FIT). I want to be known as a go-to guy for athletes to help improve their functional movements in sports. 


    What Does A Typical Workout Look Like And How Do You Train?

    A typical workout for me consists of doing a track style warmup. Which includes a number of skips that are designed to get our motors going to perform at a high level. Then it is followed by some strength training along with athletic movements. Jumps, core, etc. 


    What Are Your Favorite Tracks to Workout To At The Moment?

    Yikes- Kanye West
    Change Lanes - Kevin Gates
    Win - Jay Rock
    Out the Mud - Kevin Gates
    Anything that has a great beat that I can bang out to.


    Social Media

    IG: @dalexanderfit
    Twitter: @dalexanderfit
    Snapchat: @alexanderfit

    **Some grammatical changes were made to this interview.