Jay James Rahyz | Martial Artist & Freerunner

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” - Jay James Rahyz, Martial Artist & Freerunner

Jay James is a Martial artist and Freerunner from Cary, North Carolina, currently living in Los Angeles, California. He plans to end up in a position where he can create his art without distraction or limitation. His goals are to better himself, his technique, and his art, to continually improve while professionally training martial arts and Parkour, studying marine biology, and performing musically. Constant growth, creation, and discovery are his goals. He want to give back, share what his learned and spread to benefits of these arts with the world; And travel!

My goals are to create my own personal training facility, star in films and television series’, study marine organisms/ work in marine conservation, and perform live musically. I am setting myself up for success by staying involved in these career fields, and by practicing and studying daily. I have run into many obstacles when it comes to pursuing my goals. Obstacles such as nay-sayers and negativity. You have to learn to be observant and realize what is bad for your mind and for your spirit. If it is bad for these things then it, or they, or whatever it is is bad for your life. In the grand scheme of things you only want to be doing what is good for your life and doing what is good for your future, not risking your future, and this begins with health. You can see how much a person cares about themselves by looking at how seriously they take their health. The better you take care of yourself the longer you’ll be here on the planet, so put good things in and keep bad things away, and out. That’s the goal. Working to overcome things like negativity and nay-sayers takes a bit of practice but a lot of it comes down to listening to yourself instead of listening to anything else. “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.”, so work to master yourself and your thoughts and that’s the first step. Know yourself. Aside from that, passion is the cure; do what you love, and do it all the time. It heals you, it heals your spirit; it is one of the reasons why we live. Passion. Love.

"Passion is the cure. When you’re stressed or down, use what you love as your medicine. Force yourself to go do that activity that you love. Your pain is a blessing in disguise. Be an alchemist, and turn mud into gold. I turn negativity into positivity by turning the negative into art. Doing so allows me to express it and fully get it out of my system appropriately."

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