Evina Del Pizzo | Fitness Educator and Trainer

Evina Del Pizzo

"I have a vision of purpose. I personally know I was put to have this path because of the impact fitness can make on someone's life. Not just looking good, but feeling and moving good. My job is to just translate that in a language anyone can understand to build their fitness from the ground up." -Evina Del Pizzo, Fitness Educator & Trainer

Evina Del Pizzo is a well-established Fitness Educator, Contributing Writer, NPC Iron Man Overall Winner, National Competitor, Certified Master Trainer, and former Hawaiian Tropic Model. Currently, Evina owns a training facility in Chatsworth, California; Built Strong Strength Club. Her and her husband teach the majority of the classes, whilst also taking on one on one clients during the day.

In her earlier years of her experience, Evina Del Pizzo was fortunate enough to travel the States with famed tanning oil company, Hawaiian Tropic. When the pageant circuit was cut from Hawaiian Tropic program in 2010, Evina Del Pizzo found the NPC and the transition of bikini girls was making their way into the classes. Evina quickly found herself last (like 40th) in her first competition, but kept going til she eventually placed 5th in her first show in 2013. From there she desired to learn more and modified her training regimen and made her way up the ladder to finally placing Overall in the NPC Iron Man Naturally 2016. She quickly found herself writing for magazines, speaking at colleges, and overseeing a training department. Eventually, Evina and her husband Wil, founded and started Built Strong Strength Club in Chatsworth, California.

"My goals depend on where my body is at. I am built pretty tough, and I feel that I am always finding a new way to channel my energy to do great things with my body no matter the stage in my life."


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