The only Vitamin K2 shaped strictly by data confirming true health benefits: MenaQ7®

Being able to say an ingredient is clinically validated takes an overwhelming investment and commitment, which is the exact course that has shaped the MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK-7 on the market today.

Clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals have demonstrated the efficacy of MenaQ7®, and its benefits to human health:

MenaQ7® and Cardiovascular Health

MenaQ7® and Bone Health

MenaQ7® in Diseased Populations

MenaQ7® in Healthy Populations and Children’s Health

MenaQ7® for Optimal Bioavailability

This commitment to scientific research and clinical validation has earned MenaQ7® the VitaK2™ Seal of Quality and Efficacy from the world’s leading experts in vitamin K.

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