Navreet Josan - IFBB Bikini Pro


My name is Navreet Josan and I am India's First IFBB Bikini Pro. Fitness has been a passion since childhood. My stint with bodybuilding started during my college days I played around with weights and cardio at the gym by myself and had fun with it. I also trained under a coach from Amsterdam for Muay Thai for 5 years and tried Crossfit for a few years. In 2011, I discovered the world of competing through a friend and it left me feeling challenged and fascinated, even more so because no one in India had done it so far. I did my first show as a novice in 2011 at NPC Fort Lauderdale, Florida and took 4th place. After that I competed in 7 shows between 2012-2017 where I bagged between 1st-4th place. In 2017 things started changing in India and we started getting some good shows. I competed at Sheru Classic and took the Overall Bikini title. In 2018 the first ever Pro qualifier show took place in India where I earned my Pro status.

Taking up competitive bodybuilding taught me heaps about weight training, nutrition and body transformation. Over the years it's also taught me how to become a better person in all areas of my life, hence I have a lot of love and respect for my sport.

I work with MAC Cosmetics India as the National artist. Over the years I've been able to perfect my skills at handling both careers. Being at the top of my game at both gets challenging but also brings me a lot of inner happiness and contentment. My other interest includes cooking, traveling, reading and going to the movies.

What do you like about our products? How do you use them? And do you have any favorite flavors?

I love the team's 100% honest approach towards creating supplements. It's a family operated business and interacting with the team reflects that they treat you like their own with a genuine interest in your health and fitness. I also love the profile of ingredients used in Earthnutri supplements.

My mornings start with Ultimate Clear Focus. It's a great alternate to coffee. I can really feel the difference in my energy on days that I use it.

I use the Whey Protein Isolate everyday, post workout as a smoothie for which I use the Vanilla flavour. It works well with any other whole foods you want to blend it with. I use the Chocolate flavour during the day when I want to add some extra protein to my diet, especially when I'm traveling.

K2 + D3 + 72 Trace Minerals for bone, heart and digestive health as well as UC-II + MSM for my joint health are supplements I use EVERYDAY to take care of my body.

What is your overall athletic goal and what’s next for you?

Be strong, lean, powerful and athletic through a holistic approach with a strong emphasis on health and wellness. The goal is to win some amazing Pro Shows in the coming years leading up to Arnold and Olympia!!!
To also be a great example for everyone in my country.

What does a typical workout look like and how do you train?

I train 5 days a week and I finish up my weight training with some cardio. When feasible, I split my cardio and weight training into morning and evening.


My training is designed by Bombshell Fitness and I am mentored by Dwyane Mc Daniel who is the owner of Diamond Gym in NJ.

What are your favorite tracks to workout to? 

I am not the type who always listens to hardcore music while training. It's a mood thing and I change my playlist ever now ranging from rap, hip-hop,house, punjabi and DJ mixes.

Social Media Handles: Instagram @lilrocket