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    Ryan Saylor


    Originally from East Coast born in Point Pleasant NJ moved to Wichita Kansas 4 years ago from Pennsylvania. Have been working out for 4 years now and now am on track to get my pro card and compete professionally. I have competed three times, each time placing 3rd, 2nd and 3rd in my last show in order qualifying for Junior Nationals twice.

    What do you like about our products? How do you use them? And do you have any favorite flavors?

    What I enjoy about your products is the very clean and real flavor they contain. Your pre-workout gives great energy with no crash and your protein powder has great flavor and is great for getting in that quick needed protein during the day.

    What is your overall athletic goal and what’s next for you?

    My overall athletic goal is to get my pro card in Men’s Physique and compete at the highest level. I want to be known for something in life other than just being average and after getting involved in fitness and transforming my life I soon realized that anything is possible with consistency, drive & passion.

    What does a typical workout look like and how do you train?

    My typical workout usually consists of a 15 min incline walk warm up cardio session to get the blood flowing. I usually hit individual body parts during the week to isolate each part and get the most out of my sessions. Monday chest. Tuesday arms. Wednesday shoulders. Thursday back. Friday legs. Saturday is a day to hit a lagging part. After each session I typically will do another 15 min of incline walk cardio.

    What are your favorite tracks to workout to?

    Favorite tracks to workout to are high intensity EDM music and anything that makes my pump higher and more intense. When I’m in the gym my focus is unreal and when you really connect to the music your listening to it really can make you reach a very euphoric state.


    Social Media

    IG- @ryan.saylor