TruMuscle: What Does It Do? How Does It Do It?

TruMuscle: What Does It Do? How Does It Do It?

TruMuscle is the newest release from EN Performance Powered by EarthNutri. The unique aspect about TruMuscle is that it is a product that contains the trademarked patented ingredients Mediator® and SerinAid®, in one formulation. Most of all the other Brands supply only 1 of the ingredients sold separately, but not both. These ingredients are Premium Ingredients that are on the high end for Manufacturer’s to produce. Those brands would rather have the consumer spend the extra money to make up for the cost of the ingredients, than to give you both in the same formulation, as to where synergistically, these ingredients work best together, along with the addition of the Branded EEA’s, Amino9®, that has double the Leucine, and the rest of the Essential Amino Acids, not just BCAA’s.

The Breakdown of the 3 Ingredients in TruMuscle:

SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine (PS) has multiple functions that is proven by numerous published studies, involving Cortisol Suppression, Testosterone, and Brain Health.

It is well known that cortisol, a potent catabolic stress induced hormone, can wreak havoc to persons managing their body compositions. Specifically, cortisol is antagonistic to the uptake of dietary protein and inhibits protein utilization, leads to increased muscle damage and soreness, impairs recovery, and reduces glucose utilization by muscle cells. Soy-derived PS has been shown to substantially suppress the elevation of cortisol resulting from stress, and hence offers an effective and natural way to inhibit protein catabolism and improve recovery. It is now proven that short-term supplementation with a moderate dose of PS not only prevents a stress induced increase in cortisol concentrations, PS additionally can naturally benefit impaired testosterone levels. Published studies also demonstrated key improvements in brain function, including memory, concentration, learning, recall, and focus.

Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid (PA), activates the body’s mTOR pathway, (PA) allowing a person to accelerate gains in muscle mass and strength, and reduce fat mass. Published studies show subjects were able to achieve this around 8 weeks. The Studies were a double-blind study done by the University of Tampa. Mediator® PA plays an integral role in building muscle and strength, preserving hard-earned, existing, muscle and strength, and likely in addressing the advance of sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity.

Amino9® (Essential amino acids with enhanced Leucine) is composed of a unique, clinically-substantiated blend of the nine essential amino acids. This amino acid blend contains what the body needs to optimize muscle protein synthesis (MPS). With a higher dose of Leucine, along with the combination of Mediator® and SerinAid®, these ingredients synergistically create a true anabolic state for the athlete to help achieve their goals.

TruMuscle is the MUST HAVE supplement. TruMuscle can be used for 2 distinct goals. Depending on the athlete’s goal, in preserving muscle during dieting, or gaining mass and strength, TruMuscle will deliver the results with consistent use and a proper regimen of diet and exercise. Try TruMuscle by ordering it off our website now at You won’t be disappointed with the results you get!

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