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      our Ambassadors

      Lauren Gibbs - Unlikely Olympian

      Lauren Gibbs - Unlikely Olympian
      I think when most people think of an Olympian, they picture a 20 something year old athlete that has been groomed in their sport for most of their life.  At 34-years-old, as I glance over at my Olympic Silver medal emitting light (or so it seems) it is still hard to believe that I can now and forever call myself an Olympian. I found the sport of bobsled at the age of 30 by complete accident. It started with a simple question from a friend of mine in a Crossfit gym. “How much do you back squat?”...

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      EarthNutri’s First Sponsored Athlete – Anthony Marsella

      EarthNutri’s First Sponsored Athlete – Anthony Marsella

      We’re so happy to announce that we have our first sponsored athlete —

      Anthony Marsella

      Anthony Marsella has made a quick stride in boxing, from the amateurs to the pro’s, defeating some of the top ranked fighters in the country. After graduating high school, Anthony decided to go full time in boxing with hopes to make the 2016 Olympic Team. A dream that was cut short due to torn ligament in his shoulder, Marsella Jr. then turned pro after recovering instead in April of 2016.


      Anthony Marsella 02Photo by Jhonny Vargas

      Anthony then traveled cross country with nothing but the money from his first professional fight to catch the eye of Floyd Mayweather in hopes to seek out better training to improve his skills and keep his career in the right direction. It wasn’t more than 2 days after landing in Las Vegas that Floyd Mayweather heard about Anthony’s sparring in the gym and then reached out to the young fighter to help him get on his feet in Vegas to stay, live, and train there regularly.

      Anthony is going into 2018 with 7 professional fights, already scheduled to fight again as early as February 2018 is a big year because at the pace he is at now he will have 10 to 12 fights under his belt by the end of the year.

      We’re so excited to have him as a part of our EarthNutri™ Fam and so proud to have him as our first EarthNutri™ Sponsored Athlete. Keep an eye out for him! He’s going to be doing big things!

      Check Anthony repping his EarthNutri™ gear (starting @ 4:31) while he busts out his cardio workout in the video below.

      Check him out on social media!