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    Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

    Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

    Cooking with extra virgin olive oil can be dangerous


    We have always been told that Olive Oil was the best and healthiest oil to use. After all, it’s high in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that are able to lower “bad” cholesterol and raise “good” cholesterol levels. It also has the Omega oils that you need for a healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system. But did you know that cooking extra virgin olive oil at high heats can be dangerous?

    Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Be Dangerous

    Every oil or fat that you cook with has a smoking point. When oils reach temperatures over that smoking point it releases toxic smoke that also have carcinogenic (cancer causing) properties. This is because it causes it’s enzymes to be destroyed, proteins become carcinogenic, carbohydrates become caramelized and all of the vitamins and minerals lose their nutrients.

    Safe Ways to Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Try using EVOO drizzled over vegetables for roasting or pan-frying. Blend it with your hummus or sauces for a smooth, delicious flavor with great health benefits!

    If you do decide to cook with EVOO be sure to not cook over 320º. If you do, be sure to choose a lighter, more refined olive oil with a higher smoke point. That way you can still benefit from all of the healthy benefits it has.


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    Soluble Fiber vs. Insoluble Fiber

    Soluble Fiber vs. Insoluble Fiber

    Soluble Fiber vs. Insoluble Fiber – Both are Needed for Great Health

    Did you know that fiber does more than just keep your bowels regular? It helps with cholesterol levels, with weight loss, and keeps sugar levels in check.

    A more uncommon fact is that there are two types of fiber. 

    Soluble Fiber

    Food examples: Most Fruits, Nuts and Seeds, Beans/Lentils

    Weight Loss: Soluble Fiber helps with keep you feeling full while not packing a ton of calories.

    Healthy Bowel Movements: We all know about this one, but how does it work? Soluble fibers absorb moisture as it passes through the body. This bulks up your stool helping with regularity.

    Diabetes Protection: Since soluble fiber is so hard for the body to absorb, it doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes which can be unhealthy for those with Type 2 Diabetes or heart disease. If you have diabetes, ingesting soluble fiber can help keep your sugar levels under control.

    Heart Protection: Soluble fiber sticks to the cholesterol in your body and escorts them from the body. This helps reduce cholesterol levels, thus lowering the risk of heart disease.

    Insoluble Fiber

    Food examples: Most Vegetables and Whole Grains

    Great Digestion: Just like it’s counterpart, it’s another great source for regularity. This helps with bowel issues such as constipation and hemorrhoids. 

    Weight Loss: Just like soluble fiber, insoluble fiber helps keep you full which can play a key role in weight loss and cravings.

    Now that you know the basics of  Soluble Fiber vs. Insoluble Fiber you can see, both types of fiber have similar effects but both are needed for a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes reaching your daily fiber intake can be a task. Turning to all natural supplements can also help reach your goals and fill nutrient gaps. Luckily now you can get it from the best organic supplements by EarthNutri. 

    The 411 on Fiber - 9 Facts for Healthy Living

    The 411 on Fiber - 9 Facts for Healthy Living

    It’s so important to know the 411 on Fiber

    It’s crazy to think that something our body can’t fully digest can be so healthy. A high-fiber diet has been shown to prevent constipation and lower cholesterol levels. High-fiber foods also ten to have more nutrients and less calories. They also digest slowly which help keep us full. But that’s not all folks…

    We always hear that you need to fiber in your daily diet. But where most of are not fully educated on is how much you need as well as where to get the best, most powerful sources of Fiber. The trouble is, you need to get enough, but too much can also be a problem.

    According to the institute of medicine and the recommendations from the U.S. government 2015-2020 dietary guidelines we are supposed to be eating 25-30 grams per day and Americans are only eating half of that at 12-17 grams.

    Here is a list of all the facts you need to know to meet your health needs:

    • It helps you stay full longer
    • There are two types: Soluble and Insoluble (You need both types for good health)
    • It can only be found in plant based foods
    • Organic sources  are the best
    • Slowly increase fiber when adding to your diet
    • Helps manage diabetes
    • Too much can cause health issues cramping, malabsorption, constipation, and in the worst case, intestinal blockage
    • Creates good bacteria in the body
    • Men require more than women to maintain healthy weight

    3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Bulletproof Coffee

    3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Bulletproof Coffee

    3 Dangerous Affects of Drinking Buttered Coffee (aka Bulletproof Coffee) Regularly

    Buttered Coffee, also known as Bulletproof coffee, is said to have great benefits especially when trying to lose weight. According to Bulletproof, “it’s a high-performance drink that has a massive impact on your energy and cognitive function.”

    It allows one to feel full for long periods of time. It also gives it’s drinker tons of energy that is said to last up to 5 or 6 hours. Because of these facts it’s not hard to believe that people are using this “buttered coffee” as a meal replacement.

    Sure, it has it’s benefits. When using it drinkers do experience energy and a long lasting full-feeling. Tons of websites and social media posts mention how great it is, but is everyone just jumping on to the Bulletproof bandwagon? After some careful research we have put together a list of 3 dangers of drinking buttered coffee, aka bulletproof coffee, on a regular basis can be detrimental to your health.

    1. Buttered Coffee Can Ruin Your Metabolism

    Since buttered coffee reduces hunger signals, it is often used as a morning meal replacement. Doing this everyday will downregulate your metabolism. One side effect of down-regulated metabolism is the loss of hunger. So, one may think that it’s doing it’s job by keeping them full, but in reality it destroys metabolism in the long run giving it’s drinker the opposite affect their searching for in the long run.

    2. Buttered Coffee As A Meal Replacement Reduces Nutrient Intake And Can Lead To Deficiencies

    As mentioned above, most buttered coffee drinkers use the lively latte as a breakfast meal replacement. The fact that it is easy, fast, convenient and seems to work makes it an easy meal choice. Plus, who doesn’t love coffee in the morning?

    The issue with this is that when drinking Bulletproof Coffee the drinker intakes anywhere from 400 to 800 calories from a source that has a significantly less dense in nutrients than “real food.”

    Subsequently, deficiencies can often lead to negative health outcomes.

    3. Consuming Bulletproof Coffee Could Lead To Negative Health Outcomes

    According to a scientific study of Bullet Proof Coffee, after one week a patient’s total cholesterol jumped from 248 to 282, HDL from 59 to 66, LDL from 180 to 198, and triglycerides from 41 to 73. The apolipoprotein scan revealed a level of 133, which was high-risk. After ONE WEEK doctors attributed it to the bulletproof coffee intake.


    There are some great health benefits of Bulletproof Coffee when done correctly. The biggest issues are when one consecutively drinks over a long period of time. 

    What are your thoughts on Bulletproof Coffee, or buttered coffee? After reading this would you try it or continue to drink it?


    EarthNutri is all about being transparent and offering knowledge of a healthy life. When we can we show all our research so if hesitant at all you can check the facts and make your own decision on the matter.

    Please see below for scientific studies to prove our statements:
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    3 Easy Steps to a Healthy Life – Alternative Medicine

    3 Easy Steps to a Healthy Life – Alternative Medicine

    More and more people are noticing that some pharmaceutical drugs have dangerous side effects, and the best Alternative Medicine available is an ALL natural lifestyle.

    We at EarthNutri™ believe that a healthy lifestyle, natural foods, and supplements have the ability to carry healing powers. Having the right knowledge and the right tools while living a healthy life can absolutely be an alternative medicine in itself. Here are 3 ways to improve your overall health and ditch harmful medicines.

    Only Eat All Natural Food

    What we eat is a huge factor in our overall health. All natural foods and the vitamins and minerals they carry have been known as the purest forms of alternative medicine for many years. As far as natural foods go — the most natural food you can get is always organic because it hasn’t had any contact with chemicals that will harm you in the long run. Another great tip is to always look for the USDA approved logo on products you buy. Don’t see it? Do a little research! 

    Investigate – Check The Ingredients Label

    It’s also important to trust and buy from companies that are transparent about the ingredients they use. The biggest confusion the general public is faced with is that most product recalls are the suppliers problem and not the fault of the brand itself. This is why it’s so important to investigate or buy from honest and transparent companies that aren’t afraid to show the consumers what their products contain. Just like EarthNutri!

    Be Active

    It’s so important to keep moving! There are a lot of options when it comes to staying fit. According to the American Heart Association, Yoga is a great low-impact, physical activity. It’s great because it brings us to present and gives us consciousness.

    These 3 simple steps can lead you to an overall healthier life with fewer trips to the doctor. Sounds pretty simple right?

    Here at EarthNutri, it’s our mission to not only produce products that are at it’s purest state, but to educate the public with raw, researched info. Is there anything you